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AC Services

Getting your car’s air conditioner serviced at the first sign of trouble...


Avoid the most common reason for a car breakdown by regular battery...

Brakes Discs and Brake Pads

Do you feel that your brakes are not performing as they usually would? If...

Car Bushings and Suspension

Car bushings are suspension components that are either rubber or...

Mechanical Services

At NTE we offer our best services to all makes and models of light...

Nitrogen Gas

A more fuel-efficient and eco-friendly choice than compressed air.

Oil Change

Protect your car’s life in the best and least expensive way, by changing the...

Wheel Alignment

Have a better grip on your car and keep it running straight and smoothly by...

Wheel Balancing

Balanced wheels provide you with a smooth ride by reducing noise and...


Driving with a clear view is extremely important to avoid any accidents or...

Our Wide Range of


  • Michelin

    AED185.34AED2,900.00 Details
  • Hankook

    AED150.00AED780.00 Details
  • Goodyear

    AED215.00AED2,220.00 Details
  • Bridgestone

    AED151.10AED1,070.00 Details

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