AC Services


Getting your car’s air conditioner serviced at the first sign of trouble will save you money and time by ensuring that your compressor is safe so you can enjoy your ride whilst feeling energized and refreshed in no time.

We can assure you that your AC services will be handled by the best technicians and examined thoroughly for any leaks. If there are any leaks, we will make sure to have the issue fixed before it can harm your car or the environment.

The UAE is known for its hot weather throughout the year, and there is nothing more refreshing than a cool breeze in your car in those temperatures. Over time however, the breeze of cold air will wear off due to hoses and seals wearing out, O-rings and the AC fittings becoming loose (if you were serviced with low quality gas to repair your A/C which will cause damage to your A/C within 15 days). Bring your car to our workshop and we will help you get that cold blast back in no time.

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