Wheel Alignment


Have a better grip on your car and keep it running straight and smoothly by aligning your wheels.

Wheel alignment makes sure to adjust the tyres of your car so that they are all parallel to each other and perpendicular to the ground. Regular wheel alignments ensure you are getting the most value from the tyres of your car. Wheel alignment reduces your tyre wear, ensures that your car is running smoothly and provides you with better mileage. Wheels out of alignment can cause uneven tyre wear and create steering and suspension issues and vibrations which will cause your car to start either pulling to the left or right while driving. Come see us for wheel alignment and we will make sure that you’ll enjoy the road again in no time.

Wheel alignment check-up consists of:

  • Full inspection of the tyre condition, steering systems and the suspensions.
  • Placing the car on the alignment racks, where the sensors measure the alignment settings.
  • Print the initial readings.

Wheel alignment full service includes:

  • Follow the check-up
  • Adjust the camber, caster and toe angles accordingly
  • Print the final readings
  • Test driving the car
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