Tyres are essential elements on your car since they are the point of contact with the road. In order to ensure your safety while driving, you should have regular check-up and maintenance for your tyres to increase their lifespan and performance.

At National Tyres Exhibition with our expertise in the industry for over 45 years we can gladly assist you with the issues you are facing and give the recommendations needed.

In addition if your tyres need replacement, we have more than 60,000 tyres in stock at all times, we can assure you that you will find the tyres that suits your car within your budget.

Once you purchase the tyres with National Tyres Exhibition online, you can come to our workshop for fitting your tyres with our up-to-date machines that can replace your tyres at no time and with zero scratches to your rims, or you can visit and we will gladly be at your assistance.

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